NEXT MEETING: 12pm - 2pm SUNDAY 21st May, 2017 at the Shakespeare Hotel, Surry Hills.

The Infinitas Writers Group is a Sydney based group for writers of science fiction and fantasy.

Most stories are workshopped online at our forum, but meetings are also held from 12pm to 2pm on the third Sunday (check here for meeting dates) on odd months (January, March, May, July, September, November).

Our current meeting venue is the Shakespeare Hotel, Surry Hills, which is 5-10 minutes walk up Devonshire Street from Central station. Come inside, then go upstairs!

Check in the forum here for meeting information.

The purpose of the group is to provide insightful and constructive criticism on plot, characters, settings and structure, etc. Criticising other people’s work also helps to make you a better writer.

We critique science fiction, fantasy and horror novels, short stories and synopses. Work is posted online in the “Monthly Workshops” area of the forum (which will become visible once you register an account).

So, sign up to the forum and share some chitchat with other writers, and hopefully we will see you at a meeting!